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DIY • Free Pineapple Cross Stitch Pattern

So, I’d been resisting the pineapple trend because it kind of came out of nowhere and seemed a little forced to me.  But, it’s finally worn me down.  Pineapples are delicious and they’re the perfect representation of a tropical summer ^_^  So here’s a quick and free pineapple cross stitch…

July 23 • Happy Hot Dog Day

  Happy Hot Dog Day!  I plan on celebrating today with a fervor not seen since Pizza Party Day.  Seriously, you guys.  Chili cheese dogs are one of man’s greatest inventions!

Star Trek The Next Generation Toy Collection • via The Pink Samurai

Collections • Star Trek: The Next Generation

So, I was totally obsessed with Star Trek: The Next Generation when I was a kid.  We watched it religiously in my home when it first came on TV in the 80s and  there’s been a special place in my heart for it ever since.  During my tender and nerdy…

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