DIY • Decoden Phone Case

DIY Decoden Phone Case • via The Pink Samurai

DIY Decoden Phone Case • via The Pink Samurai

So, since making my last decoden project, I’d been itching to use the technique for it’s true intended purpose: a phone case.  This my first attempt, it’s super simple, and I had a little adventure right in the middle of making it, so I’ve got some fun troubleshooting tips for you, too haha!


  • 100% Silicone – The pictured brand did yellow a bit, but I’ve found that the linked product stays a nice, crisp white.
  • Star Icing Tip – I used a star tip, but you can use whatever you like.
  • Tape
  • Sand paper
  • Blank phone case for your model of phone – Pictured is an iPhone 4s case.
  • Assorted cabochons, mini food erasers, toys, gems, button whatever you want to cover your phone with – Everything I used is linked here!
  • Not pictured: E6000 glue – For previously mentioned troubleshooting :/

DIY Decoden Phone Case • via The Pink Samurai


  • First, take your case and sand it lightly to create a rough surface for the silicone to adhere to.
  • Following the directions from my first decoden post, attach the cake decorating tip to the silicone tube.
  • Working vertically, start at the top and begin piping all the way down the case. Repeat until the case is evenly covered with silicone.
    • Halfway through making this case, I ran out of silicone (DOH!) and I had to run out to Target really quickly to grab another tube.  But, when I was coming home from the store, I got caught in the middle of a torrential downpour and it took forever to get home.  Not to mention I was totally drenched when I got in!  It took long enough that some of the silicone I’d already piped was starting to harden a bit, so you’ll notice the right side of the finished case is a little more defined than the left.  That’s why.  By the way!  An hour after I’d gotten home, the sun was out and everything was dry.  Womp womp.
  • So after it’s all covered, start smooshing your stuff in!  I just kind of made it up as I went, starting with the big pieces and filling in the spaces between.
  • Since one side was a little dry, I smooshed as best I could and used the E6000 on the backs of the charms as well, just to make sure they would hold.
  • Let it dry forever (two days) and you’ve got an adorably super cute new phone case!

DIY Decoden Phone Case • via The Pink Samurai

I’m totally smitten with this lil thing!  It’s, pink and sugary and cute and covered in cats!  Plus, I love the gaudy look of other cases, but I think this one blends my desire for simplicity with my tendency for collecting.  It’s minimal and busy!

DIY Decoden Phone Case • via The Pink Samurai

Do you think you’d ever rock something like this?

How to make a decoden phone case • via The Pink Samurai


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