Fun Stuff • Cat Clocks + Watercolors + Overalls



This week was full of button making, kitten wrangling and lots of DIY trial and error.  Oh!  And Turks has decided that sitting on my shoulders and trying to eat my hair is a good idea >_<

Here’s some fun stuff on the internet!


  • Watercolor is one of those mediums that has always alluded me, but this tutorial makes me want to try again.
  • How fun is this diamond felt pin board?  I want to make one in pink.
  • Kollabora is one of my favorite creative communities online and I’m totally into this giant tote bag pattern.
  • Oh my gosh, I need to make these coasters immediately!


  • I’ve been trying to resist the whole overall thing for months, but then my friend Nicole pinned this.  I’m totally going to hunt for the perfect pair now.
  • How amazing are both of these outfits?  I love a simple sumer uniform.
  • It’s too bad I’m too tall to even attempt a romper.  They remind me of Captain Picard’s pjs and look so comfy.
  • ASOS is having a Memorial Day sale!  20% off with the code: WEBEGRILLIN.  I’m going to get this skirt.


  • “Make something today, even if it sucks.” Rachel talked about creative ruts on The Crafted Life this week.
  • Turns out I neeeeeeed to go to Palm Springs.  The Saguaro looks like heaven.
  • The Beauty Departments, Beauty Bites series is so fun…and yummy.
  • Reasons so be pink? I can get behind this.





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