Three Things You Must Include on Enamel Pin Backing Cards [video]


enamel pin backing card template


I know making backing cards can be a little bit intimidating, but today I'm going to talk about the three things that you must include on all of your enamel pin backing cards. I'm going to show you some examples of different types. And, at the end, I've got a download for templates that you can use for different sizes of backing cards!


Number one, you have to have your logo, duh. You want to have your branding on there. You want it to be easy for your customers to know that it's you and your work, so always, always, include your logo, and incorporate any other kind of branding so that people can tell that it's you. For the example in the video, I've got a card from Sprinkle Bat. She’s got her logo right on top and has a fun circle for the pin to sit in, so the background isn't too busy. She's got all her own colors, and you just definitely know that this is a Sprinkle Bat pin. Next is a backing card from Northern Spells. You can see the logo right on top. That's pretty standard for enamel pin packaging. She's got a spot to put the pin and a fun background that doesn't distract. Cute, right? So always include your logo.


Number two, is your website. You want people to know exactly where they can find more pins, because they love this one so much! Just like you want it to be easy for them to tell who you are, you want it to be really easy for them to tell where to get more. Pretty much everyone will include theirs on the bottom. That's pretty standard too. Check the video for an example from Luxcups. They have right at the bottom. Super easy. Always, always, put your website on your backing cards, because you want your customers to know where to find you.


And, last, you want to include your social media links. A lot of enamel pin folks are on Instagram. It's where we hang out. I always include my Instagram, @thepinksamurai, at the bottom so they can get in touch with me, get to know me a little bit more, and see all the new stuff that I've got going on.

Always have your logo, website, and social media on your cards.

If you want to download some templates, click the link below. I have a template for a regular business card size, a square size and I have one for a two and a half by three and a half size. There are lots of different options and I recommend taking a peek at the video because I show a bunch of examples from other makers so you can get some backing card inspiration!


enamel pin backing card template

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