August Pin Club Reveal

Orange Creamsicle Cat Enamel Pin by Becky Helms

Orange Creamsicle Cat Enamel Pin!

Did you know that August 14th is National Creamsicle Day?  Now you do!  I thought it would be fun to make a creamsicle cat pin because I needed another reason to make an ice cream themed pin, haha!

This cutie is 1.25 inches tall and has screen printed details plus stunning orange glitter.  Celebrate the summer all year long with this cute pin!



Gnome Ninja Enamel Pin by Andy Helms and Becky Helms

Gnome Ninja Enamel Pin

Now we have a Gnome Ninja to match our Gnome Samurai!  Did you know that the reason ninjas wear black in pop culture now is because in Japanese theater years ago, they were clothed in black to symbolize them as invisible.  In reality, they would wear plain clothes to blend in.

Learn more about Ninjas from the Ninja Museum of Igaryu in Japan

This pin is 1.25" long from the tip of the sword to it's toes.



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