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The Pink Samurai's Super Fun Pin Jubilee! Enamel Pin • Catcha Tea


Oh hey!!  It's my first official month doing my pin club solo and I'm so excited to celebrate my pin jubilee with you!!

January marks TWO YEARS of my pin club and I can't even believe it. 

January's main pin is some Catcha Tea, of course.  Did you know that January is Hot Tea Month?  Now you do!  This little kitten is sitting in a teacup that's just like one I saw in a thrift shop, years ago, that I will regret passing up for the rest of my life.  At least I could recreate it in pin form, I guess.  Siiiigh.  

As the year goes by, you'll get your sneak peak earlier in the month and I'll be sharing the big reveal before subscriptions close to make it easier for get in on the party!

I hope you like these limited edition pins and thank you so so much for subscribing and being a part of my monthly pin club for the last two years.  It seriously is a big deal for my little business and I couldn't do it without your support!!  I'm eternally grateful!


♡ SPECS ♡ 
Quantity: 1
Size: 1 inch
Finish: Gold


Colors might vary just a bit from your screen.

•Illustrations and original designs © Becky Helms/The Pink Samurai