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The Pink Samurai

Never Give Up Never Surrender Enamel Pin

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My amazing daddy passed away in March of 2017 after battling cancer for a year and half and this quote from Galaxy Quest was his mantra through all of the ups and downs. He was so strong, went through so much and I'm so proud of him. 100% of the sales from this pin had gone to his medical costs and directly to my mom as she enters this new chapter in her life. 

But now, all profits raised from this pin will be donated to Black Lives Matter in perpetuity.  Monthly donations will be made to this important cause because the sentiment is the same.  We will never give up the fight for true equality and to dismantle the structures of systemic racism that this country was built on. 

My father was a preacher and would speak about equality and injustice in his sermons to people who truly needed to hear it.  Now the funds from this pin will speak for everyone who believes in equality and the rebuilding of our society.  As a white person, I will continue to listen and learn and follow as an ally.

I know it's a little different from my usual pins, but it's special to me.  When I first released this pin, my daddy was still here and he loved it.  All of your sweet words and support meant so so much to my family and I can't thank you enough ♡


  • Size: 1.25 inch height
  • Finish: Gold
  • Posts: 2

Colors might vary just a bit from your screen.
Illustrations and original designs © Becky Helms/The Pink Samurai


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